How to Permanently Activate Office 365 ProPlus in 2021


Microsoft 365 is a paid subscription that ensures you will have the most up-to-date Microsoft collaboration software. Microsoft 365 plans are available for household and personal use, as well as SMEs, large corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations. As a result, you’ll learn how to permanently activate Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for free in this guide.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a paid subscription that gives you access to Microsoft’s most recent collaboration software. Microsoft 365 plans are available for small and midsized businesses, large firms, Universities, and non-profit groups, as well as for residential and personal use.

Microsoft 365 plans for home and personal use include the flexible Office desktop applications you’re familiar with, such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You’ll get more online storage and cloud-connected capabilities, as well as the ability to work on files in real-time. You’ll also get the most up-to-date features, updates, and security patches, as well as free ongoing tech support, with a membership. You have the option of paying monthly or monthly for your subscription. With the Microsoft 365 Family package, you can share your subscription with up to six members of your family and use your applications on multiple PCs, Macs, smartphones, and phones.

Most Microsoft 365 plans for enterprises, universities, and non-profits include fully loaded web applications, but Microsoft also offers simple plans that include online versions of Office, file storage, and email. It’s up to you to choose which option is best for you: A small business, an industry, a school, or a non-profit organization are all viable alternatives.

Office 2019, on the other hand, is a one-time buy, so you only have to pay once for all of your Office software on one device. One-time transactions are supported on both PCs and Macs. However, there are no upgrade plans, so if you want to upgrade, you’ll have to pay full price for the new major update.

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Permanently Activate Office 365 ProPlus

As you can see in the screenshot below that Office 365 ProPlus isn’t activated (Activation Required). So here are the steps to activate Office 365 ProPlus:

Activation Required
  • Click here and copy the Office 365 ProPlus text activation code.
  • Open Notepad and paste the text. Go to File and click the Save option.

  • Write the File name such as activateoffice365.cmd and click save. Save it to the desktop.

  • Run the batch file as administrator and if you are prompted, click Yes.
How to Permanently Activate Office 365 ProPlus on Windows 10 (2021)
Run as administrator
  • Wait for a while. Activating your Office.
How to Permanently Activate Office 365 ProPlus on Windows 10 (2021)
Activating your Office
  • at last, Office 365 ProPlus is successfully activated.
How to Permanently Activate Office 365 ProPlus on Windows 10 (2021)
Product activation successful

What is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2019?

  1. The first difference is in the payment model; you purchase Office 2019 and subscribe to Office 365. Buying vs. renting a car is a comparable analogy. Individuals purchase a vehicle because they want to invest in it and use it for at least the next five years, without having to worry about getting the most up-to-date technology and safety changes. Renting a vehicle, on the other hand, gives customers the option of renting a new car almost every month, always with the most up-to-date technology in the automotive industry.
  2. The second distinction is in the products and services to which you have access. Again, Office 365 offers a plethora of additional applications and services. Instead of using Office on a single PC or Mac, you can use it on almost any device you want.
  3. The third factor is the frequency and functionality of updates. You get weekly Office patches with Office 365, whether you like them or not! Additional functionality is provided in the Office 365 versions of Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. For example, in Office 365, you get a tool called “PowerPoint Designer” that analyses the content on your slide and suggests alternate layouts based on that analysis.

So this article was about how to activate Office 365 ProPlus for free and permanently in 2021 on Windows 10.

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