How to Block Ads on Safari Brower on Mac


YouTube is famous for advertising that is famously enduring. From one brief ad at the beginning of the video to two advertisements now occasionally, and probably one in the middle and one at the top. If you don’t press Pause, it will run for minutes. In this post, you are going to learn how to block ads on YouTube for the safari browser on Mac.

YouTube, meanwhile, is a perfect place for viewing videos of entertainment, learning various tips and tricks, and many other helpful things. Yet commercials are one thing that annoys nearly all on YouTube. Typically on YouTube videos, there are 2 or 3 advertisements, that can be on the startup and even in-between video ads.

However, we are totally pleased with only one ad on a video and we respect it because that’s how those producers make money. But lately, the number of commercials is so high that you have to see a 3-minute ad clip in order to see a 5-minute video.

How to Block Ads on Safari Browser on Mac

AdBlock has been downloaded more than 350 million times and is used by over 65 million people worldwide. Now, a popular adblocker has been developed by AdBlock that is available as a Mac app. A strong and simple-to-use ad blocker is AdBlock for Safari. It prevents nasty pop-ups, eliminates video ads for autoplay, and blocks obnoxious audio ads.

It also provides you with control over which advertising you see and which websites you fund. You can tell AdBlock to stop working on those websites, activate advertisements on pages that you choose to support, and have quick access to a robust library of customer support information to help you get the most out of your AdBlock software.

AdBlock allows websites to load quicker in Safari and prevents you from viruses lurking inside ads on malicious websites. It’s simple to install and free to use.

AdBlock Key Features

  • Block ads on the websites you visit, including Facebook, YouTube, and millions of others.
  • Speed up your browsing by filtering out unwanted content with Apple’s powerful Content Blocking API.
  • Protect yourself from annoying and intrusive ads that distract you from the stories you are trying to read.
  • One-click Pause allows you to stop AdBlock if a website prompts you to turn off your adblocker.

Here’s how to block YouTube ads on Safari browser on Mac with AdBlock extension:

Step 1. Open the Safari web browser. Click on the Safari tab and then select Safari Extensions.

How to Block Ads on Safari Brower on Mac with AdBlock Extension in 2021
Safari Extensions

Step 2. Now, search for AdBlock for Safari and install it.

AdBlock for Safari


Step 3. Once downloaded, open it.

How to Block Ads on Safari Brower on Mac with AdBlock Extension in 2021

Step 4. Click on Set up AdBlock in Safari.

How to Block Ads on Safari Brower on Mac with AdBlock Extension in 2021
Set up AdBlock in Safari

Step 5. Turn on both AdBlock Engine and AdBlock Icon and enjoy ad-free YouTube videos on the Safari browser.

Turn on AdBlock in Safari

Final Words

This is how you can block ads on YouTube on Safari Mac. However, by using the Adblock extension on the Safari browser, it will block all ads whether you’re watching YouTube videos or browsing websites.

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