How to Cast Samsung to Samsung TV Wirelessly


There are many ways to screen mirror your Samsung device to a bigger screen/smart TV like Samsung smart TV. Then you’re in the right place. In this feature, you are going to learn how to cast or project Samsung Galaxy to Samsung smart TV wirelessly, as everyone wants to know how to screen share on Samsung smart TV with Samsung Galaxy.

Meanwhile, there are many ways to cast Samsung Galaxy to the Samsung smart TV like using third-party screen mirroring apps such as Screen Mirroring Z, Screen Mirroring  – Miracast for Android to TV, Screen Mirroring – TV Cast for Smart TV but in this guide, we are going to show you the easiest method without using any screen mirroring apps.

What is Cast/Screen Sharing?

Most people call it a screen mirror while others call it screen share and cast or even Project. In fact, screen sharing or screen mirroring is a process that displays your screen to another screen, it can be your phone’s screen to a laptop or a smart tv. However, when the screen is displayed on the second screen, you can’t control it.

In some cases watching your favorite show may be boring on a mobile phone or smaller devices or you may be interested to watch it on a bigger screen like Sony or Samsung smart TV. That’s why we provide you with some steps on How to connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to a Samsung Smart TV.

Which Samsung Smartphones Have Screen Mirroring/Cast?

Samsung’s latest smartphones have the ability to screen mirror and the screen mirroring function on Samsung phones will be called ‘Smart View‘, ‘Screen Mirroring‘, and ‘Quick Connect‘.

Furthermore, most of the Samsung phones have the Smart view option where you can screen mirror or cast easily. The easiest way to find out smart view options, just use your fingers to drag down from the top of your screen to pull up the notification and the smart view will appear as an icon.

Available on:

  • Samsung Galaxy S series including Galaxy S3 and up.
  • Galaxy Note series including Note 2 and up.
  • Samsung Galaxy A series.
  • Samsung Galaxy J series.
  • Samsung Galaxy M series.

How to Cast or Project Samsung Galaxy to Samsung smart TV Wirelessly

Follow the below steps to connect or cast your Galaxy phone to a Samsung TV:

Step 1. Press the SOURCE button on your TV remote.

Step 2. Select the Screen Mirroring option on Samsung TV using the TV remote.

How to Cast Samsung to Samsung TV Wirelessly (Screen Share Easily)
Screen Mirroring

Step 3. Now, On your Galaxy phone, swipe down twice the quick notification panel and select Smart View.

How to Cast Samsung to Samsung TV Wirelessly (Screen Share Easily)
Smart View

Step 4. Select your Samsung TV’s model name and then tap Start now to start the screen sharing process.

TV’s model name > Start now

Step 5. Now, the screen of your Galaxy phone will be mirrored on your Samsung TV.

Step 6. To disconnect the screen mirroring or screen sharing process, simply swipe down twice to open the quick notification panel and then tap the Smart View option to end the process completely.

Turn off Smart View to Disconnect

Final Words

That is it. This post was all about how to cast Samsung Galaxy to Samsung smart TV wirelessly. Luckily, the screen sharing process is very easy as both the devices (Samsung Galaxy & Samsung TV) has screen mirroring feature and that’s why you don’t need to download any third-party screen sharing or screen mirroring apps.

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