How to Check Battery Health in HP Laptops in Windows 10/11


If you have an HP laptop and want to observe its battery condition then you’re in the right spot. In the guide, you’ll learn how to check battery health in HP laptops on Windows 10 and Windows 11 OS.

Meanwhile, batteries, like the one that powers your laptop, aren’t designed to last forever. Although it may appear that the power source that keeps your computer running should be the technological equivalent of a perpetual gobstopper, your laptop battery, like any other battery, has a life cycle that must come to an end at some time.

Because of this, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the condition of your laptop battery: it may and will expire at some time, and you don’t want to be trapped changing it in a rush. Furthermore, just because the battery has died does not necessitate the purchase of a new laptop.

So, here are the methods to check battery health in HP laptops:

Check HP Laptops Battery Health via HP Support Assistant

On new HP desktop and laptop PCs, HP Support Assistant is bundled. It may be installed on PCs from other manufacturers to provide simple access to HP printers and PC support information and tools.

Step 1. Search for HP Support Assistant in the Start menu and click Open. HP Support Assistant is installed on HP laptops. If not then click here to download. Once downloaded, install it.

HO Support Assistant

Step 2. Select Battery under the Device Health option.


Step 3. Click on Run battery check.

Run battery check

Step 4. Wait for the result.

Step 5. Here you can check your HP battery health. In my case, it’s showing Normal that means the battery is functioning correctly.

How to Check Battery Health in HP Laptops in Windows 10/11 [2 Ways]
Check Battery Health in HP

View Battery via HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI

Step 1. Restart your HP laptop, and press the F2 key then click Component Tests in the main menu.

Component Tests

Step 2. In the list of Component Tests, click Power.

How to Check Battery Health in HP Laptops in Windows 10/11 [2 Ways]

Step 3. In the list of Power Tests, select Battery.


Step 4. On the Battery Test page, click Run once.

How to Check Battery Health in HP Laptops in Windows 10/11 [2 Ways]
Run once
Step 5. The Battery Test begins. The Battery Test takes about two minutes. The Battery Calibration, if needed, requires 2 to 4 hours. You can cancel at any time by pressing the Esc key.

How to Check Battery Health in HP Laptops in Windows 10/11 [2 Ways]
Check Battery Health in HP



Suggested action


The battery functions properly and as expected.

The battery does not need calibration. Read the remainder of the message for more information.


The battery functions correctly, but it needs to be calibrated.

Read and respond to the message that is displayed. If the option to use the HP battery auto-calibration feature is displayed, this is preferred. Otherwise, click Learn How to Calibrate your Battery for the steps to calibrate your battery.


Battery calibration might take several hours to complete and is best performed during long periods when the computer is not in use.



Very Weak

The battery functions correctly, but due to the normal aging of the battery, the battery life between charges is now significantly shorter than when it was new.

This status message is displayed when there is a decrease in the capacity of the battery that occurs over time and with use. The battery should be replaced to get the most working time out of your battery.


The battery reports a failure and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Replace the battery. If your computer is within its warranty period, you can contact HP support to verify if your battery is covered.

Failure with an ID number

The battery experienced a hardware failure.

Write down the battery status and Failure ID. Keep the battery status and Failure ID so you have them available if you need to contact HP Customer Support.

No Battery

HP Battery Check did not detect a battery.

A battery is not installed or detected in the battery compartment. If a battery is installed, remove the battery and inspect the pins to see if there is dirt or other foreign matter blocking the connection. Fully insert a battery into the compartment if a battery was not inserted and you want to test the battery in that compartment.


HP Battery Check could not access the battery.

Remove and reinsert the battery. You might need to download and install all the updates from HP Support Assistant.

These were the 2 methods to check battery health in HP laptops in Windows ad Windows 11.

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