How to Check Samsung Battery Health


Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy devices don’t have a native way to check battery health. If you’re an iPhone user then you might know about the “Battery Health” feature on iOS which shows the battery health in percentage. Meanwhile, in this guide, we’ll show you the easiest way to check Samsung battery health or Samsung battery life without installing any third-party apps.

In the meantime, Lithium batteries are used in almost all cellphones on the market. The problem with these batteries is that they deteriorate with time, reducing both charge capacity and recharge cycle. While Android provides a lot of information about battery consumption, there is no native mechanism to evaluate battery deterioration.

How to Check Samsung Battery Health via Samsung Members App

If you’re too curious about your Samsung Galaxy phone’s battery health then using the Samsung Members app is the easiest way to check Samsung battery health.

Samsung Members App

Samsung Members is Samsung’s all-powerful community app for Galaxy smartphone owners, as the name indicates. You are welcome to join the community and revel in its magnificence whether you possess a flagship or an entry-level Galaxy smartphone.

The Samsung Members area is still a private area, and you’ll need a Samsung account to access it. After that, you may explore the community safely, join in conversations, enjoy unique discounts, try out beta ROMs if they’re available, and more. Samsung Members is a vibrant community for Samsung enthusiasts, and there’s always something new to discover.

So, without wasting any time, here are the steps to check battery health on Samsung Galaxy devices:

Get help > Go to Phone care
  • Now, on this screen, tap Interactive checks.
  • Tap Battery at the top left-hand corner.
How to Check Samsung Battery Health (Samsung Battery Life) Easily
Interactive checks > Battery
  • Here, you can check the battery power, battery life, and capacity. Meanwhile, when it comes to your Samsung battery health or battery life, you’ll see the following results:
    • Good
    • Normal
    • Weak
  • How to Check Samsung Battery Health (Samsung Battery Life) Easily
    Check Samsung Battery Health

How to View Battery Life With AccuBattery

AccuBattery is one of the top-rated apps for learning more about the battery on your Android device. While it doesn’t give as much information as root-only software, it’s the finest battery health monitor for non-rooted Android users.


You can explore AccuBattery’s tabs after the first setup, but they won’t contain much information. Because of the app’s nature, you’ll need to leave it installed and use your phone regularly for a time before you begin to receive meaningful information.

After a few charging cycles, the app’s ‘Health’ page will begin to display an estimate of your current battery capacity. Over the course of charging sessions, this figure will become more accurate.

For a fresh new battery, the app will usually indicate 95 percent health. As a result, while determining how your battery is doing at the time, you should keep that margin in mind. Anything beyond 80% is regarded as good, as long as the phone has aged nicely. When the temperature drops into the 70s and you notice a drop incapacity, you can replace the battery.

This is how you can check Samsung battery health or Samsung battery life using the Samsung Members app.

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