How to Clear the Command Prompt Screen in Windows 10


The Command Prompt is also known as “CMD” is a keyboard-based application built into the Windows operating system. The software has a long-range of applications, including manipulating network profiles or writing batch files that alter how other programs can run. The command prompt window can become cluttered after operating with it for a long time in a single session, so knowing how to clear it is crucial. In this guide, you will learn different ways to clear the Command Prompt screen in Windows 10.

Meanwhile, some Windows users are also unsure how to clear the command prompt screen in Windows 10. You may accidentally insert several command lines in a Command Prompt for troubleshooting or other reasons, and you may accidentally enter a command or command you did not wish to enter. That is why you must understand how to clear the Command Prompt screen in Windows 10.

What is Command Prompt?

Most Windows operating systems have a command-line interpreter program called Command Prompt. It’s used to carry out orders that have been entered. The majority of such commands use scripts and batch files to automate operations, execute specialized administrative functions, and troubleshoot or resolve specific Windows problems. Windows Command Processor is the official name for Command Prompt, but it’s also known as the command shell, cmd prompt, or even by its filename, cmd.exe.

Furthermore, the Command Prompt is often referred to wrongly as “the DOS prompt” or “MS-DOS.” Command Prompt is a Windows application that mimics much of the command-line capabilities of MS-DOS, but it isn’t MS-DOS.

How to Clear the Command Prompt Screen?

Check the easy ways below for how to clear the CMD screen in Windows 10.

Option 1. Clear CMD Screen using Keyboard Shortcut Key (Esc)

If you accidentally typed a command in the CMD screen that you didn’t want to type. Press the Esc key on your keyboard to delete the command from the command prompt screen. However, remember that If you’ve entered several command lines, you won’t be able to use the Esc key. It’ll function even though the command isn’t entered in.

  • Type any command but don’t hit enter.

  • Now, press the Esc key at the top left-hand corner to delete the command line.
  • As you can see in the screenshot below the command prompt screen is cleared now.

How to Clear Command Prompt Screen in Windows 10 in 3 Ways in 2021

Option 2. Clear Command Prompt Screen with CLS Command

You can type the CLS command line in Command Prompt window and press Enter button after opening Command Prompt in Windows 10 and entering several command lines on the keyboard. In Windows 10, this will clear the CMD screen. In the Command Prompt window, all previously typed commands will be cleared.

How to Clear Command Prompt Screen in Windows 10 in 3 Ways in 2021
Option 3. Close and Reopen Command Prompt

If the Command Prompt window is cluttered and you want to clear the screen, simply press Alt+F4 or type exit the Command prompt and reopen it.

How to Clear Command Prompt Screen in Windows 10 in 3 Ways in 2021
Alt+F4 or type exit

Final Words

These were the 3 methods to clear the Command Prompt screen in Windows 10. Use the Esc key to clear any typed command before entering it. Meanwhile, to clear the whole CMD screen, simply type CLS and press enter.

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