How to Connect Samsung DeX Wireless to Laptop in Windows 10


Do you want to connect Samsung DeX wireless to a  laptop or How to get DeX wirelessly on PC? Samsung DeX Wireless is a new handy feature available on Samsung Galaxy devices running on Android 10 based on One UI 2.5. Previously, you needed to use Samsung DeX on a laptop or a smart TV using a cable but now you can connect Samsung DeX Wireless to a PC/laptop or smart TV wirelessly. So, in this guide, you will learn how to connect Samsung DeX Wireless on a PC or laptop in Windows 10.

Wireless DeX (One UI 2.5)

Wireless DeX support is one of One UI 2.5’s most essential new features. The feature allows you to mirror your phone screen to a supported TV or PC and control the TV and the Windows PC with multi-finger gestures using it as a touchpad.

Meanwhile, in One UI 2.5, DeX received a considerable upgrade. In order to use the desktop version of Android, you no longer need a cable. Instead, with Mircast support, you can wirelessly connect to a television or PC.

DeX Requirements

To set up and use Samsung Wireless DeX on the laptop or PC. You’ll need the following requirements:

  1. Any Laptop running on Windows 10/7 or MacOS versions above 10.13
  2. A Samsung Galaxy S9 or Later running on Samsung One UI 2.5 based on Android 10.

How to Connect Samsung DeX Wireless to PC or Laptop in Windows 10

Follow the below steps carefully to connect or use Samsung DeX Wireless to PC and laptop on Windows 10.

Note: Before you proceed, make sure that both devices (your Samsung Galaxy & Windows PC) are connected to the same network.

Step 1. Press Windows key + I to open Settings then select System.

Step 2. Now, select Projecting to this PC from the left-hand sidebar and make sure that Available everywhere is selected under Some Windows and Android devices can project to this PC when you allow them to option.

Step 3. Now on your Samsung Galaxy devices, swipe down twice the notification panel or quick settings panel and then tap on the DeX option on your Samsung smartphone.

Step 4. Now tap on your PC name to use and connect DeX Wireless on your PC and select Start now.

How to Connect Samsung DeX Wireless to Laptop/PC in Windows 10

Step 5. On your Windows PC or laptop screen, you will receive a notification saying that [Phone] is attempting to project then select Always allow and click OK.

How to Connect Samsung DeX Wireless to Laptop/PC in Windows 10

Step 6. Now, you have successfully connected Samsung DeX Wireless your laptop or PC wirelessly.

Step 7. To use your phone as a touchpad, pull down the notification panel and then tap Use your phone as a touchpad. Now, a touchpad will appear on your Phone’s screen, and use your finger or S Pen to guide the pointer and access your apps.

How to Connect Samsung DeX Wireless to Laptop/PC in Windows 10

Step 8. To disconnect the process, swipe down twice the notification panel and turn off the DeX option.

Why Use Samsung DeX Wireless on a Laptop?

Samsung DeX has many different features that best suit your needs. Samsung DeX Mode allows your device to display a PC-like experience on a large screen with the same apps that you use on your phone every day. Finally, you can use DeX mode on your monitor while using different apps on your device at the same time, or turn your device into an input device to control the DeX environment.

Benefits of Using Samsung DeX on Windows/Mac on Samsung Galaxy:

  • Easy file transfers between Windows and Dex.
  • You can answer calls and send text messages on the phone with the DeX window while you are still working on your PC apps and files.
  • A great alternative to apps like BlueStacks to play Android-only games on the big screen.
  • Increase productivity with a mobile desktop.

Final Words

So this post was all about how to connect and use Samsung DeX Wireless to Windows 10 PC or laptop. The good thing about Wireless DeX is, it does not require and DeX software or USB cable. Click here to know more about One UI 3.0 features.

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