How to Download Among Us on Windows 10 PC & Laptop (BlueStacks)


Among Us is one of the fastest-growing games on both Android and iOS platforms and everyone wants to play this wonderful game on their PC as well. However, the best way to download Among Us on a Windows 10 PC is using the BlueStacks emulator. So. in this guide, we are going to show you how to download Among Us for free on Windows 10 via BlueStacks.

Meanwhile, Among Us is available at Microsoft Store but not for free and you have to pay in order to download and play it. There are two ways to download Among Us on a Windows 10 PC. Either by paying for the game on its officially supported channel via Steam or play it using mobile emulators for free. Hoeever, for the purpose of this guide, we will show you how to download Among Us on PC via BlueStacks.

Among Us

Among Us is a fun game filled with action and suspense. Enter the crew of a starship as they fly across space. And found out that a deadly gunman snuck on board, attempting to kill the entire crew!

All the action in Among Us is carried out on a spacecraft made up of various units. Start a new game-either online or against a computer and you will be given the role of either crewmate or imposter, which is kept secret from the other players. If you’re an imposter, your aim is to wipe out the whole team by creeping up and pressing the kill button. But if you’re part of the crew, you’re going to have to stop the imposter and try to find out who it is… It’s too late before that!

To do so, after all the action, a chat room with all the players opens, where they can debate who they think the imposter is based on what they saw during the game, and have a vote. Players will also communicate with certain items in the ship’s room throughout the game.

Overall, Among Us is a wonderful multiplayer game, whether you’re playing with friends or other players from around the world. Board the spaceship and experience the joy of finding the imposter in every game!


BlueStacks App Player is an easy-to-use application you can use to run Android applications on your PC. This software creates a virtual smartphone that can be conveniently controlled from its main menu, as well as instantly downloading and installing a range of applications as if you were operating on a real Android device.

It’s almost like having a standard Android smartphone on your Windows machine, and it’s easy to set up. This means that any consumer will use BlueStacks, even though they’ve never used an emulator before. When the software is up and running, you can import, run, and use Android applications, and you don’t have to think about compatibility problems. There are several different ways to import apps: from the emulation app store, to go to Google Play from your web browser, or to download an APK. The other functions of the software are used in the same manner as a standard Android system.

Not only that, but BlueStacks helps you to capture your screen, which means you can make HD gaming videos and post them online. With this software, you can even upload photos on your Windows machine to social networks on BlueStacks, which is a fantastic feature for anybody operating on a PC. You can also play music in the background when working on another app. Overall, the BlueStacks App Player is the ideal platform to effortlessly simulate an Android computer on your Windows PC.

BlueStacks App Player has a range of different control choices. Although you can use touch controls on your mouse, you can also map commands to your keyboard or use an external gamepad. Of course, if your Windows device has a touchscreen feature, you can easily tap your phone. Above everything, it has a lightweight and easy-to-use control panel. 

BlueStacks App Player is compatible with all sorts of software, including the new games and high-performance ones, as BlueStacks uses 2GB of RAM. Overall, the BlueStacks App Player is a wonderful tool that can run almost any Android app, offering a whole universe of possibilities for any PC user.

How to Download Among Us on Windows 10 PC via BluetStacks

So, one of the easiest methods to download and play Among Us on PC for free is to use the BlueStacks emulator.

So, without further ado, here’s how to download Among Us on Windows 10:


Step 1. Download the Bluestacks Emulator. Click here to download the latest version. As you can in the screenshot below, click the Download BluetStacks button and then select the destination, and click Save.

ownload BluetStack

Step 2. Install the Bluestacks Emulator. Run the installer by double-clicking the file you just downloaded then click on Install now and wait until the downloading process is completed. The file is around 531 MB. The emulator will launch automatically after the installation. If not, simply click on the Bluestacks icon from the desktop.

Install now

Step 3. The first time you launch the emulator, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google Play account. Simply click Sign in and once again. Click Sign in.

Sign in

Step 4. Enter your Gmail or phone number and click Next.


Step 5. Now, enter your Gmail password and click Next. If you have enabled 2-step verification then simply tap YES on your phone to confirm it’s you.

Step 6. Now you are in the Google Play Store and search for Among Us in the search bar and click Install.

How to Download Among Us on Windows 10 PC & Laptop (BlueStacks)

Step 7. After the game’s installation, click on Open to launch it.

How to Download Among Us on Windows 10 PC & Laptop (BlueStacks)

After installing Among Us via BlueStack the game’s shortcut will be created right on your desktop. Enjoy the game!

How to Download Among Us on Windows 10 PC & Laptop (BlueStacks)

You can find this option by clicking the Game Controls icon on the right side then click on View/Edit Game Controls.

How to Download Among Us on Windows 10 PC & Laptop (BlueStacks)

Here are the default controls for the Joystick Scheme:

In-game Movement PC Control
Move up W
Move left A
Move down S
Move right D
Action Space
Map Tab
Report E
Kill Q
Send chat Enter
Open Chat C

Final Words

This is how you can download and play Among Us on Windows 10 for free via BlueStacks. Downloading Among Us on PC using emulators such as Bluestacks is an awesome way to play it on your desktop for free.

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