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Download macOS Sonoma VMDK File for VirtualBox & VMware

Download macOS Sonoma VMDK File for VirtualBox & VMware


In this article, I will provide you with direct links to Download macOS Sonoma VMDK File for VirtualBox & VMware.

If you are an Apple lover then you definitely know about WWDC 2023 (Worldwide Developer Conference) which was held yesterday 6 June 2023. Apple finally announced another Apple macOS by the name of macOS Sonoma with bundles of outstanding features. As always Apple tries to release an operating system every year for their users. With macOS Sonoma, Apple has also released iOS 17, iPadOS 17, watchOS 10, and many other amazing gadgets. All of these gadgets contain advanced features and Apple always try to improve and bring advanced technology to them.

The most amazing and newest features in macOS Sonoma are Widgets on Desktop, Gaming Mode, Video Conferencing Tool, PWAs For Safari, High-Performance Screen Sharing, and other useful features. As a game lover, I love its gaming mode feature because it allows you to play any game on Mac with a high frame rate and smooth performance. If you want to try all these features, make sure to install them on your Mac computer or laptop.

And macOS Sonoma is currently in beta mode, this mode is for developers in order to test it and find out the bugs and make it ready for the final version. If you are curious to use it then you can also install macOS Sonoma Beta on your Mac or virtualization software.

What is macOS Sonoma VMDK File?

VMDK actually stands for Virtual Machine Disk. It is a type of file that is used to store the virtual hard drive of a virtual machine. Almost all of a .vmdk file’s content is the virtual machine’s data, with a small portion allotted to virtual machine overhead. This file will be roughly the same size as your virtual hard drive. The format has originally developed by VMware for use with a VMware virtual appliance (VA) such as VMware Workstation, VMware Player, and VMware Fusion.


If you want to install macOS Sonoma on your Windows PC using VMware and VirtualBox then you must have its VMDK file. Keep in mind that you can also use VMDK File to install inside Virtualbox and any other virtualization software.

Download macOS Sonoma VMDK File for VirtualBox & VMware

If you want to install macOS Sonoma on virtual machines then you must macOS Sonoma ISO File. Because the VMDK file is created from the whole installer of the macOS Sonoma ISO File. You can also convert macOS Sonoma ISO to VMDK yourself.

However, you can’t install macOS Sonoma on your Mac using VMDK because it is specifically for virtualization software. You can use DMG or ISO files in order to install macOS Sonoma on your Mac computer (Your Mac should be compatible with macOS Sonoma). And you can also use DMG file to make a bootable USB for a clean installation on Mac.

Download macOS Sonoma VMDK File

In order to Download macOS Sonoma VMDK files, you must have a high and good internet speed to download macOS Sonoma VMDK files. Because the VMDK File of macOS Sonoma is around 12GB it needs good internet speed. And for downloading fast, you need to use Internet Download Manager. Therefore, we have uploaded the files on Drive which you can download with a click.

  • Download macOS Sonoma VMDK File (Comming Soon…)

Once you have successfully downloaded it, extract the file using WinRAR and start installing it on a virtual machine whether VMware or VirtualBox.


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