How to Enable Paint 3D in Windows 11 PC/Laptop

Do you want to enable paint 3D in Windows 11 PC/laptop? If yes then here in this post you’ll learn how to Enable Paint 3D in Windows 11 PC/Laptop. Paint 3D is one of the numerous capabilities in Windows 11 that do not come pre-installed like they do in Windows 10.
When we inquired about this significant change, Microsoft said, “When upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10 or applying an upgrade to Windows 11, some functionality may be deprecated or eliminated.” People who have worked with Paint 3D, on the other hand, are eager to see it return in Windows 11. Don’t worry, you only need to follow few easy steps to enable Paint 3D on your Windows 11.
Paint 3D is a function that allows users to build three-dimensional models by drawing a two-dimensional picture and adding depth as the third dimension. This is accomplished by first creating a 2D picture or sketch and then modifying it in a 3D (called a 3D sketch) space. Users of Windows 8 and Windows 10 may work with 3D models using 3D Paint software, and you can also utilize Corel Draw program to do so.
Paint 3D (also known as 3D Paint) was a 3D drawing application that was available for Windows 8 and Windows 10. Paint 3D was incorporated into the Windows Explorer app with Windows 10, allowing users to sketch on a canvas in the same way they can on their PC with Paint. Unfortunately, Paint 3D was removed from the Windows 10 program in version 1511. so without wasting any time lets get us started on how to enable Paint 3D in Windows 11.

How to Enable Paint 3D in Windows 11

Follow the following steps to activate paint 3D in Windows 11

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Store, then select Open.

Microsoft Store

Step 2. Search for Paint 3D, then select Install or Get.

How to Enable Paint 3D in Windows 11 PC/Laptop With Ease
Install or Get

Step 3. Once installed select Open.

How to Enable Paint 3D in Windows 11 PC/Laptop With Ease

Step 4. Finally, here you’ve enabled Paint 3D on your Windows 11.

How to Enable Paint 3D in Windows 11 PC/Laptop With Ease
Finally, here you’ve enabled Paint 3D on your Windows 11

Why did Microsoft remove Paint 3D?

You may be wondering why Microsoft opted to eliminate some of the features accessible in Windows 10. So yet, Microsoft has not provided a specific response. The following are the official Windows 11 specifications, features, and machine requirements:

Some functions may be deprecated or deleted when upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11, or after applying an update to Windows 11. However, considering that Microsoft decided earlier this year not to include Paint 3D in an Insider build for Windows 10 to be published on February 24, 2021, it’s not surprising that the software didn’t make the cut in the next OS.

In addition to Paint 3D, Microsoft deleted the 3D Viewer software from new Windows installs after concealing the 3D Objects folder by default in the same Insider edition of Windows 10. While certain functions are not included with Windows 11, others have been deprecated because they are no longer deemed efficient. However, you shouldn’t be concerned since we’ll teach you how to simply activate Paint 3D in the latest Windows version.

So this post was all about how to enable Paint 3D in Windows 11, We hope that this article helped you out.

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