How to Fix Optional Features Install Failed in Windows 10


Well, I personally faced this issue ‘Install failed Try changing to a non-metered network connection‘ whenever I wanted to install Windows Media Player or Wireless display from Optional features within the Settings > Apps. Optional features are a place where you can download optional Windows features like Windows Media Player, Wireless Display, WordPad, Internet Explorer 11, and many more things. Meanwhile, here you will how to turn off the metered network connection to fix the issue Optional Features Install Failed in Windows 10.

In the meantime, Windows 10 comes with a range of features that are not installed by default. For example, if you really need it you can add Steps Recorder or Wireless Display manually. However, you can also uninstall features such as Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer 11. The management of optional features will perform these tasks.

What are Metered connections in Windows 10?

An Internet connection that has a data limit associated with it is a metered connection. By default, cellular data connections are set to be metered. Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connections can be designed to be metered, but by default, they are not. To help decrease your data use some apps can function differently on a metered connection. Often some Windows updates won’t be automatically installed.

Most telecommunications providers sell monthly data plans of multiple gigabytes and automatically charge a tariff per megabyte when you reach the cap. The same concept can be applied to other devices too including tablets (with Windows, Android, or iOS), hybrid devices, and more. Also, wireless network connections can be metered, especially public WiFi networks that enforce all kinds of limits, including a maximum data usage per day, week, or month. Often also wired (Ethernet) internet connections can be metered.

What Happens in Windows 10, if Network Connection is Set as Metered?

When you set your active network connection as metered in Windows 10, the following things happen:

  • Windows Update stops downloading most updates. Only the critical ones are automatically downloaded and installed. Instead, you get a Download button which you can use when you want to install all the updates.
  • Apps from the Microsoft Store are no longer automatically updated. However, desktop apps act as usual and are updated based on their settings.
  • App tiles on the Start Menu may not update themselves automatically. The Windows 10 apps that have live tiles on the Start Menu might not update themselves while connected to a metered connection.
  • The peer-to-peer download of Windows updates is disabled. As long as you connect to a metered network, Windows 10 stops delivering updates in the background, through peer-to-peer connections. This feature is also called Windows Update Delivery Optimization, and Windows 10 turns it off when you use metered connections.
  • Apps may behave differently. Depending on the apps that you are using, some may stop downloading data in the background or update their data less often. For example, OneDrive stops automatically synchronizing your files in the background, to save on bandwidth costs. This behavior varies from app to app, depending on how it was programmed, and does not apply to desktop apps which should work as usual.

How to Fix Install Failed in Optional Feature on Windows 10

If you are facing this ‘Install failed try changing to a non-metered network connection’ or Sorry we’re having trouble getting this optional feature installed while installing optional features in Windows 10. Here are the steps t0 fix the issue Optional Features Install Failed in Windows 10

For your information, To prevent the OS from installing automatic updates on a limited network data connection, Windows 10 allows you to turn on the Metered Connection feature. If the metered connection is turned on, and you get the error, turning it off will fix the problem. Here’s how:

Step 1. Press the Windows+I key at the same time to open Settings.


Step 2. Click the Network & Internet.

How to Fix Optional Features Install Failed in Windows 10 (100% Fix)
Network & Internet

Step 3. Click Wi-Fi from the left pane and then select Manage known networks.

How to Fix Optional Features Install Failed in Windows 10 (100% Fix)
Wi-Fi > Manage known networks

Step 4. Select your WiFi network and click Properties.


Step 5. If Set as metered connection is turned on then turn it off to change it to non-metered connection.

How to Fix Optional Features Install Failed in Windows 10 (100% Fix)
Turn off Set as metered connection

Now, by changing your connection from metered to non-metered the problem ‘Install failed Try changing to a non-metered network connection‘ will be fixed and after that, you can easily install apps from the Optional feature without any problem or install failed.

Final Words

if you’re facing Install Failed Try changing to a non-metered network connection on Optional features in Windows 10. Then by following the above-mentioned steps you will definitely fix and solve this issue and you can install a feature from Optional features now. Mention your comments and thoughts if your problem is fixed and solved permanently.

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