How to Hide or Archive Your Instagram Stories and Posts

Hide Instagram Stories and Posts


Have you ever posted any of your photos or video which you did not suppose to upload? If it is yes then you are in the right place where you can hide the post which you have mistakenly uploaded. In this guide, you are going to learn How to Hide or Archive Your Instagram Stories and Posts.

The Instagram app is exactly used for sharing your photos and videos. However, you could upload your photos and make reels in order to come on the feed page on Instagram. If someone like whatever you upload then they can follow you can in this way you can gain followers. Also, you can follow other people, it can be your favorite celebrity and you can see their new posts. Moreover, create a group and invite your friends to talk with each other inside the group.

Instagram every week or day trying to roll out new features to their Instagram app. Till now it has very advanced features which can make users comfortable to use.

One of the amazing features of Instagram can be to archive your Instagram posts that you don’t like to be inside your profile or account. Whether you have uploaded multiple photos combined into a post or uploaded videos and reels then you could hide them from other people. When you hide your posts then no one will be able to see them again your hide and in the future, if you wish to re-upload the same post then Instagram allow you to restore it. And no matter how many likes and comments you got on your post before you hid it. It will give all the comments and like also the post will be restored in the exact place.

If you wish to hide your Instagram stories then you could but if you want to archive the existing store then you can’t. There is a toggle for archiving the stories which you should enable it. Whenever the feature is enabled from the beginning after that you can view all the posts from the archive section.

Are Hidden Instagram Posts Private? Whenever you archive or hide your Instagram posts for some purpose then you might care about the privacy that anyone is able to see those posts which are archived. So, if you are going to archive then the posts will be completely private, and not be afraid to lose the likes and comments on your post.

How to Hide or Archive Your Instagram Posts

Step 1. First of all, launch the Instagram app on your mobile then head to your Profile which is located on the bottom right side.

Step 2. Once you get inside your profile simply select the post that you want to hide.

Step 3. Then click on the Three Dots of the post after that tap on the Archive.


How to Hide or Archive Your Instagram Stories

Step 1. Go to the profile of your Instagram account then click on Three Horizontal Lines and select Settings.

Hide Instagram Stories and Posts

Step 2. In the window of Settings, choose Privacy.

Step 3. Tap on the Story.

Step 4. At last, scroll down to the section Save Story to Archive and then simply turn its toggle on.

Hide Instagram Stories and Posts
Toggle Save Story to Archive

Bottom Line

The guide has ended and we have shared a complete guide on How to Hide or Archive Your Instagram Stories and Posts. The circumstance might occur that you have uploaded any photos on Instagram or you have uploaded and later on you will change your mind to hide or archive your posts. It has an easy and simple way to hide the posts. Whenever you want to see the expired story then make sure the feature to shifting the stories in the archive section. After doing the method of archiving the posts after that if you have faced any kind of problem then share it with us in the comment box.

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