How to Hide Videos in MX Player on Android in 2021


When it comes to the best Android video player, then there’s no better video player like MX Player. However, if you have noticed MX Player shows every video that you have downloaded, WhatsApp chat videos and some other videos to it’s its home page. Well, nobody wants to show their private videos. Meanwhile, in this tutorial, we are going to show how to hide videos in MX Player on Android devices.

Luckily, there’s a feature in MX Player that allows you to lock or hide videos on your Android phone. However, there a lot of excellent video players for Android users to choose from but MX Player has been around a long time and it was one of the few video players that offered various features for years alongside VLC player.

Furthermore, MX Player introduced a new P2P file sharing feature called “MX Share” which allows Android users to share videos using the MX player built-in feature without the need for a server. Now, this is another wonderful feature for MX player after supporting picture-in-picture mode.

MX Player

The MX Player has a design that is neat and easy to use. It supports nearly all of the file formats for video and audio. One of the first Android video players to support multi-core decoding is considered to be the MX App.

.In addition, MX Player provides several features, including subtitle support, scroll forward/backward, zoom in/out to adjust text size, gesture controls such as pinching and swiping around the screen to zoom in and out quickly. It also features an on-screen lock for infants. With advertising, the app is available for download. It also comes with optional modules for added features.

Download MX Player from Google Play Store

How to Hide or Lock Videos in MX Player on Android via Private Folder

Recently, there’s a new feature called “Private Folder” in MX Player that enables you to lock or hide your important videos from others. Remember that whenever you lock a video in MX Player then that specific video can’t be accessed via My File (File Manager), Gallery, or other video players.

Here’s how to lock or hide videos in MX Player using the Private Folder feature:

Note: Due to the security policy of the MX Player, we couldn’t provide you the screenshots.

Step 1. Open MX Player and tap the hamburger menu and select Private Folder.

Step 2. Tap the + icon at the bottom right-hand corner.

Step 3. Now, select the video that you want to lock or hide and tap ADD NOW from the bottom of the screen.

Step 4. Create a PIN and tap Continue.

Step 5. Enter your Email address, tap Continue and you are done.


Now, your video is locked in a Private Folder in the MX player, and no one can find or play it. To view your locked video, tap the hamburger menu > Private Folder > Enter the PIN.

How to Unhide or Unlock Videos in MX Player on Android via Private Folder

  • Open MX Player.
  • Tap the hamburger menu and select Private Folder.
  • Enter the PIN.
  • Tap the three dots next to the video and select Unlock.
  • AT last select UNLOCK.

Lock Videos in MX Player by Renaming the File

Step 1. Open MX Player and find the video you want to hide.

Step 2. Tap the three dots next to the video and select Rename.


Step 3. Now, add a dot (.) at the beginning of the filename and tap OK.

How to Hide Videos in MX Player on Android in 2021 (Lock Videos Easily)
Add a dot (.)

Step 4. If you are on the home page of the MX Player, tap the hamburger menu and select Local Player Settings.

Step 5. Tap List.

Step 6. Here, uncheck the option that says Show hidden files and folders. This will hide the file from the file manager as well.

To unhide the video in MX Player: Similar to hiding videos, unhiding individual videos in MX Player barely takes a minute. All you have to do is undo what you did in the previous steps.

Tap on the three-dot menu and select Local Player Settings. Here, select List, scroll down to the Scan section and check the box that says Show hidden files and folders. Now, even if the videos have an extra character in their name, it’ll be displayed here.

How to Hide Videos in MX Player on Android in 2021 (Lock Videos Easily)
Check the box that says Show hidden files and folders

Final Words

These were the 2 methods to hide videos in MX player on Android devices. You can follow any steps to lock videos in MX Player but we recommend you to use the Private Folder feature to lock and hide your all-important videos because the locked videos won’t appear on The Gallery or My Files app.

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