How Speed up WhatsApp Voice Messages on Android & iPhone


Do you want the voice messages to play faster on WhatsApp on iPhone & Android? WhatsApp voice messages have an important role in communicating with people and it is easier than texting them, As the WhatsApp audio messaging function has been accessible for public beta users since last month, and it is now being rolled out to additional people. It is now available to all WhatsApp users. For voice messages, there are three playback speeds to select from. ┬áIf yes then here in this article we’ll guide you on how to speed up WhatsApp voice messages on Android & iPhone?

Users will be able to pick between the normal 1x option, 1.5x speed, or 2x speed without modifying the pitch of someone’s voice, according to a statement from the firm. One of the reasons WhatsApp is implementing this function is that it recognizes that when users send a long message, the other person may not have the time to listen to it. It claims that by adopting Fast Playback, which speeds up the message, the time it takes to listen to extensive audio messages would be cut in half.

How to Speed up Voice Messages on WhatsApp?

This feature also assists you in reading texts from contacts who speak slowly. Increase the speaking speed to 1.5X or 2X to swiftly grasp the concept of the content. Make sure your WhatsApp is up to date before using the speed control feature. Once you’ve updated your WhatsApp follow these steps to play voice messages on WhatsApp faster.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Go to any chat or voice message.
  • Tap on the play button to start the voice message.
play button
  • Tap the 1X option from the right side of the voice message to speed up the voice by 1.5X speed.
How to Speed up WhatsApp Voice Messages on Android & iPhone Devices
  • Tap again to make the voice speed to 2X, by tapping once more it will return to its regular 1X speed.
How to Speed up WhatsApp Voice Messages on Android & iPhone Devices

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp, which was first released in 2009, is a free multi-platform messaging program that allows users to conduct video and phone conversations, send text messages, voice messages share their location, and more with just a Wi-Fi connection. This program is intriguing since it works on a variety of phone and computer operating systems, allowing you to resume your chat whenever and anywhere you like. It can also take advantage of Wi-Fi and cellular data to make one-on-one or group calls, reducing the need for expensive calling charges. If this sounds exciting so far, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about WhatsApp.

So this post was all about how to speed up WhatsApp voice messages on Android & iPhone. I hope that this article helped you out.

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How to Speed up WhatsApp Voice Message on Android and iOS Devices


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