How to React to WhatsApp Messages on iPhone & Android


Have you ever wondered how to react to WhatsApp messages on iPhone & Android? If yes then here in this post you will learn how to react to WhatsApp messages on iPhone & Android. Meanwhile, With each release, Meta bridges the gap between WhatsApp and its other messaging apps. The ability to respond to WhatsApp messages is the most recent addition. You may have used this function before if you have utilized Facebook Messenger or Instagram conversations.

However, WhatsApp currently only provides 6 emoticons for the reply. The functionality is accessible on all devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and the online version of WhatsApp. However, if you’re unfamiliar with this function and are unsure how to respond to WhatsApp messages, this article will help.

WhatsApp’s message reaction function was revealed with another feature called Communities, which would be available to users in the near future. WhatsApp stated in an official blog post that “emoji reactions are coming to WhatsApp so individuals can swiftly convey their opinion without filling chats with fresh texts.” Users may now avoid typing brief messages in response to something sent by another user now that the capability is accessible.

Note: The six emoji that are available right now include thumbs up, heart, the laughing emoji, the shocked emoji, the sad with a teardrop emoji, and the prayer emoji. Users can not change these six emojis which means you cannot react with a separate emoji, at least for now. This feature could, however, come later on to the platform.

How to React to WhatsApp Messages on iPhone & Android

To reply to WhatsApp messages with emojis on iPhone & Android follow the steps below:

Note: The steps are the same for both Android and iPhone. The below screenshots are taken on an iPhone.

Step 1. Open the WhatsApp (Android & iOS) App on your iPhone.

Step 2. Go to Chats and find the conversation to which you want to react.

Step 3. Now, tap and hold on to any particular message and choose the emoji for the reaction.

Step 4. Once you’ve chosen any emoji reaction that particular emoji will appear beneath the WhatsApp message.

How to React to WhatsApp Messages on iPhone & Android With Ease
React to WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

Step 5. To remove the reaction, tap on the emoji icon and select Tap to remove.

That’s all on how to react to WhatsApp messages on iPhone & Android. Your response will then be sent, and all chat participants will be able to see it. There may only be one reaction per message. There is no limit to the number of messages you may respond to. If you responded to a vanishing WhatsApp message, your response will similarly vanish after the message is removed from the conversation. Also, if the sender deletes their message for everyone, your response will be instantly removed.

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