How to Remove Contacts from the Share Sheet on iPhone [iOS 15 & 16]


Do you want to remove suggested contacts when sharing photos on iPhone on iOS 15 & 16? Here learn how to remove contacts from the share sheet on iPhone [iOS 15 & 16]. Meanwhile, when sharing any photos on your iPhone some of your contacts appears on the top of the sharing sheet so if you see that unnecessary then we will provide you with some easy steps to do.

OS has a Share Sheet that allows you to easily share messages, links, movies, notes, and other items. I also use the Share Sheet regularly in Safari to execute shortcuts, save photos, and identify text on a website, among other things. If you’ve used the Share Sheet, you’ll notice that Siri’s suggested contacts dominate the top. That list, however, is not always accurate and rarely useful.

Suggestions are generated using on-device intelligence and are mostly based on how you use the phone. 
Whether you wish to remove single contact recommendation or all contact suggestions at once from the Share Sheet, this guide will assist you in removing contact from the Share Sheet suggestions on iPhone.

How to Remove Specific Contact While Sharing on iPhone

Almost all apps that offer content sharing have access to the Share Sheet. The selections in Share Sheet change depending on the app, but the top Siri suggested contacts row remains the same. If the row contains a contact you never use, use these steps to delete particular contacts from Share Sheet on iPhone.

  • Go to the Photos app on your iPhone, or any app that displays Share Sheet.
  • Open any file or photo.
  • Tap on the Share option.
How to Remove Contacts from the Share Sheet on iPhone [iOS 16]
Share option
  • Tap and hold on to the specific contact then tap Suggest Less.

How to Remove Contacts from the Share Sheet on iPhone [iOS 16]
Suggest Less
With this method, you can remove as many contacts as many you want.

How to Stop Contacts from the Share Sheet on iPhone [iOS 15 & 16]

If you’d prefer to delete all of the contact recommendations from your iOS device’s share sheet permanently, you can do so just as simply. When you take the methods to delete certain contacts from the iOS Share Sheet, depending on how frequently you connect with the contact, it may reappear in the future. As a result, it is not a long-term solution. There is no way to prevent a contact from appearing on the Share Sheet indefinitely. You may, however, delete the whole Siri suggested contacts row from the iOS Share Sheet.

Step 1. Go to Setting and click on Siri & Search.

How to Remove Contacts from the Share Sheet on iPhone [iOS 16]
Siri & Search
Step 2. Scroll down and locate SUGGESTIONS FROM APPLE, in the bar simply disable Show When Sharing.

Show When Sharing

Final Words

So this post was all about how to remove suggested contacts from the share sheet on iPhone when sharing photos and videos on iOS 15 & iOS 16.

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