How to Rename a Photo on iPhone (iOS 15)


Do you want to change the name of a picture on your iPhone? If yes then you are in the right spot in this guide you will learn how to rename a photo on iPhone running on (iOS 15) or (iOS 14). Meanwhile, By default, images taken with a smartphone have an “IMG xxx” prefix, whereas photos taken with a DSLR or digital camera have a DSC_ prefix followed by a serial number. As you may have observed, there is no way to change the name of images shot with the iPhone camera in the Photos app on iOS. However, iOS users can rename picture albums and alter their device’s cover photo.

However, the iPhone has a number of practical and useful functions, including a built-in camera that can snap high-resolution images and record video. When you take a picture with your iPhone, it saves it to your Camera Roll. You can move the photos to different folders once they’ve been taken. With a few clicks on the iPhone, you can create or rename photo folders. The iPhone, on the other hand, does not have a feature that allows you to rename the photos themselves so here we will guide you with the 2 easiest ways to change the name of your photos on your iPhone.

How to Rename a Photo on iPhone (iOS 15)

There are two ways to rename pictures directly on the iPhone and without using a computer. The methods involve using a third-party app or using the Files app on your iPhone.

Method 1. Rename your photos using Metapho a third-party app

Step 1. Download the Metapho application from the App Store.

Step 2. Once downloaded open the picture that you want to rename from the Photos app.

Step 3. Here tap on the Share button from the left bottom of the screen. Scroll down and locate Metapho then click on it.


Step 4. Here tap on the name of the photo as IMG_2664 then select Save As.

Save As

Step 5. Finally, here you can rename the photo by adding a different name. Tap Done and Done once again.

How to Rename a Photo on iPhone (iOS 15 & iOS 14) iPhone 13 & Others
Rename a Photo on iPhone with Metapho

Method 2. Rename a photo via the My Files app on iPhone

Step 1. Go to the Photos app on your iPhone and then locate the photo that you want to rename.


Step 2. Now. tap on the Share button at the bottom and then select Save to Files.

How to Rename a Photo on iPhone (iOS 15 & iOS 14) iPhone 13 & Others
Save to Files

Step 3. Tap on “On My iPhone” and then select a folder.

Step 4. To rename the image name, tap on the current image name. Remove the old picture name and then type a new image name. Once finished. tap Done and Save.

These were the 2 methods to rename a photo o iPhone running on iOS 15 or iOS 14. You can either use the Files app or third-party apps like Metapho.

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