How to Replace Samsung Free with Google Feed on Samsung Home Screen


Do you want to enable Google Discover or Google Feed instead of Samsung Free on your Galaxy phone’s home screen? In this guide, you’ll learn how to replace Samsung Free with Google Feed¬†on the Samsung home screen.

The tailored news and information available with just a swipe from the Google Discover stream are some of our favorite Android features. Most Android 11 phones we’ve seen already allow you to switch to the Google Discover feed or have it set as the default. However, certain manufacturers (cough, Samsung) have historically made such a move difficult or impossible, instead of presenting only their proprietary news and media streams as a choice. Thankfully, Galaxy phone owners can quickly and simply pick which solution is best for them with One UI 3.1 and above.

Meanwhile, depending on the smartphone brand you have, the Google Discover feed will appear as the final card on the left of your home screen. This feed collects news, sports, stock, and entertainment information personalized to your preferences. Users of Samsung smartphones and tablets, on the other hand, had to install a third-party launcher in order to switch from the default Samsung Free (previously known as Samsung Daily) feed to Google Discover. Thankfully, with the release of One UI 3.1, users may now make their own decisions without having to rely on third-party software.

How to Replace Samsung Free with Google Feed on Samsung Home Screen

Google Discover, formerly known as Google Feed, is a news feed service that Samsung integrated into One UI 3.1. It’s worth noting that it might not be switched on by default. The good news is that turning it on should just take a few seconds. If you don’t like Samsung free when swiping left then you can replace it with Google Discover or Google Feed.

So, here are the steps to replace Samsung Free with Google Feed:

Step 1. Go to the Settings app.

Step 2. Tap Home screen.

Step 3. Tap on the text “Add media page to Home screen.”


Step 4. Finally, select Google Discover.

How to Replace Samsung free with Google feed on Samsung home screen
Replace Samsung free with Google feed

Alternative Method

  • Long press on an empty space on the home screen.
  • Swipe to the last card on the left.
  • Select Google Discover instead of Samsung Free.
Google Discover

You may now either exit that final menu or return to your home screen by tapping the Home button. This approach may also be used to switch to the Samsung Free service or disable the news feed capability entirely, depending on your preferences.

This is how you can replace Samsung Free with Google Feed on the Samsung home screen. We recommend you to use Google Discover as it’s more informative than Samsung Free.

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