How to Scan Documents with Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, Note 9 & Etc


There are lots of questions related to how to scan documents with Samsung Galaxy S20? or how to scan documents with Samsung Note 9? Those were the days when we were used to scanning a document using a giant scanner and have to wait for a longer period of time to take a physical piece of paper and make it digital.! So, in this post, you will learn how to scan documents with Samsung Galaxy running on Samsung One UI 2. One UI 2.1 or One UI 2.5 based on (Android 10). Meanwhile, at last, we will introduce the top 3 best scanner apps for Android devices.

Meanwhile, there are lots of scanning apps available for Android smartphones like Google Drive, Adobe Scan, CamScanner, and many more. But with Samsung One UI 2.0, One UI 2.1, and One UI 2.5 based on Android 10. Galaxy devices such as S9, S10, S20 and etc have a built-in document scanning feature and nobody even noticed it and the ability to automatically detect documents like letters, business cards, and notes that you can scan with just a single tap.

How to Enable Built-in Scanner Feature within the Camera App

However, if you have updated your Samsung Galaxy smartphones to Android 10 then the feature must be enabled by default within the Samsung Camera app. Meanwhile, if the built-in scanner feature within the Camera App  is enabled then here’s how to enable it:

  • Open the Camera app and tap the Settings or Gear icon at the top left-hand corner.
  • Tap Scene optimizer.
  • Now, tap turn on Scene optimizer and also Document scan.

How to Scan Documents with Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, Note 9 & Etc

How to Scan Documents with Samsung Galaxy

When the Document scan feature is enabled then you can easily scan any documents using your Samsung Galaxy phone. Here’s how to scan documents with Samsung Galaxy using the Camera app:

Step 1. Open the Camera app.

Step 2. Point the Camera to a document to scan and when the document’s borders are highlighted with a yellow rectangle tap “Tap to scan.”

How to Scan Documents with Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, Note 9 & Etc

Step 3. The scanned document will be stored in your Galaxy’s Gallery.

To save the scanned document to PDF, open the document and tap the three dots icon at the bottom and select Print. Tap the PDF icon in yellow and select your folder location and tap Save.

Best Document Scanner Apps for Android

However, if you think that the built-in scanner feature in Samsung Galaxy is not good enough then here we are going to introduce the 3 best scanner apps for Android devices.

1. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan
Adobe Scan


Adobe Scan helps you to scan and convert to PDF files any notes, forms, records, receipts, photos. It is easy to use and effective. The document you want to scan is automatically detected and scanned once you point your phone’s camera to it. It also helps you to reorganize pages as you like and you can correct any one of the pages in color. There is also built-in OCR to allow scanned contents to be reused. More pages can also be scanned and stored in a single PDF format.

In addition, you can e-mail or upload your scanned files to the cloud via the document scanner application. Overall, almost all the important features of Adobe Scan are covered. The best part of the app is that Adobe Scan is absolutely free without advertisements.

2. Clear Scan

Clear Scan
Clear Scan

With Clear Scan for Android, any documents or pictures can be scanned easily from your phone. The scanned documents and photographs can also be converted to PDF or JPEG formats. This great scanner app is lightweight for Android and provides fast processing.

You can print scanned documents or images using Cloud Print. Even after saving the images in the gallery, the free scanner app provides different professional editing features. In addition, within one document, you can save multiple pages, reorder pages, set page sizes for PDF, etc. It has Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox cloud support.

3. Office Lens

Office Lens
Office Lens

Office Lens is a trustworthy Microsoft-based mobile phone scanner to scan documents and images from whiteboards. You can quickly capture any document and convert images to PDF, Word, or PowerPoint files.

You can also save your files to OneNote, OneDrive, or local storage. For both business and school purposes, the app is relevant. It also operates in German, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese, apart from English. Office Lens is ad-free and does not include any purchases from within the app.

Final Words

This feature was all about how to scan documents with Samsung Galaxy phone using the Camera app without using any third-party scanner apps, However, if scanning documents using the Samsung Camera app is not working well for you then you can always use third-party scanner apps such as Adobe Scan, Clear Scan and Office Lens.

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