How to Show a Digital Clock on Desktop in Windows 10


With Windows 10, for security reasons, Microsoft removed desktop gadgets and replaced them with several Microsoft Store applications. However, those tools that were part of their everyday productivity hacks are missed by many users. And one of the most missing ones is the noticeable desktop clock, which is much bigger and clearer than the one at the bottom of the screen in the small fast menu. So, in this guide, you’ll learn how to show a Digital clock to the desktop in Windows 10.

Definitions for Digital Clock

A digital clock, as opposed to an analog clock, which indicates the time by the locations of moving hands, shows the time digitally, i.e. in numerals or other symbols. Electronic drives are often connected with digital clocks, but the term “digital” applies only to the display, not the drive mechanism. The Lichtzeitpegel on the television tower Rheinturm Düsseldorf, Germany, is the world’s largest optical clock.

How to Show a Digital Clock on Desktop in Windows 10

Fortunately,  there are still some gadgets available to add different clocks (digital and analog) to your desktop in Windows 10. 8GadgetPack for Windows 10 is the easiest solution to add different clock styles to your desktop.

You can place a digital clock on the Windows 10 Desktop, in addition to the system clock, for those users who choose to use a digital clock on their desktop. In most cases, the optical clock has two benefits. The first is the simple and user-friendly design, which takes up very little room. The other is that it can be used as a digital alarm clock in Windows 10, and it also attaches a calendar and a timer to the Desktop.


8GadgetPack brings Windows 7 gadgets back to Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. It contains a set of 49 common widgets on your desktop and creates a sidebar. However, 8GadgetPack is one of the best gadgets in Windows to add a small clock on the desktop and people often use this app as a clock gadget.

Apart from the sidebar of Windows 7, where you can easily organize and access active windows, you can write notes, to-do lists, and appointments in a calendar schedule, access a separate calendar, and create an app launch panel, open files/folders, and visit URLs.

In addition, you can check out the weather forecast via “Chameleon Weather”, monitor Clipboard contents and re-use previous clips, view analog clocks and choose a time zone, trigger power management actions, keep an eye on CPU and RAM usage, convert currencies, customize a calendar, use a feed reader, and schedule alarm clocks.

Other gadgets in the pack include drive diagnostics and monitoring tools, a Google search bar and Gmail launcher, GPU and network meters, radio stations, battery status monitoring, Recycle Bin, sticky notes, slideshows, Twitter, YouTube viewer, and volume control, among others.

8GadgetPack flawlessly integrates into Windows 8/8.1/10 without causing any issues. It has a good reaction speed, delivers accurate information, and uses a low amount of CPU and RAM. No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the tool did not hang or crash. To sum it up, 8GadgetPack brings good news to all users who upgraded to Windows 8/81/10 but have missed Windows 7 gadgets.

8GadgetPack Features

  • 7 Sidebar: by Helmut Buhler
  • Agenda: by Ronnie
  • All CPU Meter: by
  • App Launcher: by Dean Laforet
  • Calendar: by Microsoft
  • Clipboarder: by Helmut Buhler
  • Clock: by Microsoft
  • Control System: by
  • CPU Meter: by Microsoft
  • Currency: by Microsoft
  • Reminder: by dahi24
  • DriveInfo: by Kris Thompson
  • Drives Meter: by
  • Feed Headlines: by Microsoft
  • Glassy CPU Monitor: by Helmut Buhler
  • Google Mail: by Orbmu2k
  • Mail Checker: by Wp-Corporation
  • MiniRadio: by Ronnie
  • Multi Meter: by SFkilla
  • My Weather: by Pat Possible

So, without further ado, here are the steps to show or display a digital clock on the desktop in Windows 10:

  • Click here to download the 8GadgetPack software.
  • The latest version of 8GadgetPack is 33.0. Click Download, select the destination folder, and click Save.
Download 8GadgetPack
  • When downloaded, install the app. If you’re prompted click Yes.
  • After a while (it can take some minutes) the installer will be complete and you need to click on Finish.
  • When installed, you’ll see a sidebar is created on the right-hand side. To customize manually, simply right-click on the desktop then select Gadgets.


  • Now, find Digitalclock and then drag it to your Windows 10 desktop. In the meantime, you can also set the different clock-style layouts from the clock settings.


  • This is how your new digital clock looks.


Final Words

This is how you can add and show a digital clock to the desktop in Windows 10 by installing 8GadgetPack. Not only you can add clocks but you can also add CPU Meter, Clipboard, Calendar, Sticky Notes, Recycle Bin, and many more useful gadgets. At last, upon clicking the clock, you can place it anywhere on your desktop.

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