How to Show Network Speed on Samsung in the Status Bar


Do you wish to Check Network Speed on Samsung in the status bar or your internet speed shows up on your Samsung status bar? If yes then you are at the right place to know how to show network speed on Samsung in the status bar. So, if you have a Samsung phone, the internet speed meter will most likely appear in the status bar. This is a major disappointment for Samsung customers. However, because Android is an open-source operating system, the options are limitless. Using third-party programs, you may add an internet speed meter to the status bar.

Samsung, however, does not include speed measurement on its phones. This implies that, unlike the Mi and OnePlus phones, Samsung phones do not have a built-in network speed display. But don’t worry, you don’t need to root your phone or do anything unusual to check your Internet speed; simply use a third-party app.

How to Show Network Speed on Samsung in the Status bar

In order to show the network speed meter on the Samsung phone’s status bar, we recommend you to use Internet Speed Meter Lite.

Internet Speed Meter Lite

Internet Speed Meter Lite is free software that displays your current Internet speed in real-time. It also shows a table that shows how much data is being consumed at any one time. This allows you to keep track of how you utilize your data plan so you don’t go over your monthly limit.

Meanwhile, the best part about this tool is that it is updated in real-time and provides data for the previous 30 days, allowing you to manage your monthly contract precisely. On the table, you’ll see three results: data from your mobile carrier, data from WiFi, and the sum of the two. This might help you figure out whether your home network is working properly and if you’re utilizing it instead of your data plan.

However, by launching the app and monitoring the status of your connection, you can simply keep track of your online activities. Another plus is that the megabytes consumed are always shown on the notification bar. This means you can monitor your data usage in real-time, pause surfing if you need to save a few megabytes, or connect to WiFi if your device isn’t connected.

Step 1. Go to Play Store, search for Internet Speed Meter Lite. Once found, click Install.

Step 2. When installed, launch the app.

Step 3. You’ll instantly see the network speed meter on Samsung’s status bar.


Apart from the status bar, you can also check the network speed meter on the notifications screen and also on the lock screen.


How to Show Network Speed on Samsung Galaxy Phones in Status Bar

Additional Apps to View the Internet Speed Meter for Android

NetSpeed Indicator: Internet Speed Meter

On your Android devices, a cleaner and easier method to show the network connection speed. In the status bar, NetSpeed Indicator displays your current internet speed. A sleek and inconspicuous notice appears in the notification area, indicating live upload/download speed and/or daily data/WiFi use.

Internet Speed Meter

You can keep track of your internet use and speed restriction all day with the Internet Speed Meter. This program has everything you could ever need, plus it’s also entirely safe, intelligent, and works properly.

We believe there are several tips and tactics you may employ to get the most out of this Internet Speed Meter program. However, we’ve compiled a list of the top four techniques and tips for getting the most out of this software.

Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter

Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter is an Android Tools software developed by KF Software House that you can download and use on your Android devices.
It’s just a basic data monitor. It comes with a net-meter and tools for analyzing network use. Cellular data consumption analysis, traffic utilization breakdown analysis, network connection analysis, and ping tracker/watcher list are just a few examples. A WIFI scanner is also included.

So, these were the apps to show network speed on Samsung phones in the status bar.

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