How to Transfer Pictures from PS4 to USB


Do you want to copy your saved screenshots from PS4 to a USB drive for any purpose? If yes then you have come to the right place. So, in this post, you’ll learn how to transfer pictures from PS4 to USB.

Meanwhile, If you wish to transfer your PS4 screenshots to another device, you must first copy them to a USB storage device. The PS4 features a feature that allows you to copy material to USB devices, which you may use to complete your work.

On other hand, the foundation of The PlayStation 4 is an excellent gaming platform with one of the finest game libraries ever compiled. Its first-party lineup is far superior to that of the Xbox One S, with titles such as Uncharted 4, God of War, and Marvel’s Spider-Man all considered must-plays. However, because the PS5 is on the way, future support will be limited, so the PS4 should only be considered if you need a cheap console right now.

Since its introduction, the PS4’s design has been updated. The standard Slim model was debuted in 2016, and it’s fair to argue that its pared-down appearance makes it look like it belongs in that age. The machine has no overpowering fan vents, and the only source of illumination is the little power button. It isn’t a very dazzling piece of technology.

The Slim, unlike the original model (which is no longer available), has a blank expanse on the top side. There are no lights going down the body, only the original emblem in the center. For more visit this.

So, here are the steps to transfer screenshots or pictures from PS4 to USB. But first, you must find and access the screenshots on PS4.

How to Find Saved Screenshots or Pictures on PS4

Press the PS button and then navigate to the Library option.

Select All on the left-hand side and then select Capture Gallery.

Capture Gallery.

Select Start > All.

Here, you can find the pictures or Screenshot.

How to Transfer Pictures from PS4 to USB

Simply make sure your USB flash drive is formatted in either exFAT or FAT32, and then copy your screenshots to it using these instructions.


Step 1. Insert the USB into the PS4.

Step 2. When you’re in the screenshots menu, press the Options button on your PS4.


Step 3. Select Copy to USB Storage Device.

Copy to USB Storage Device

Step 4. Select the pictures that you want to transfer to the USB.

Step 5. Once selected, select Copy.

How to Transfer Pictures from PS4 to USB Easily in 2022 With Few Steps

Step 6. Here it shows that the screenshots or pictures will be copied to PS4 > Share > Screenshots. Select OK.

How to Transfer Pictures from PS4 to USB Easily in 2022 With Few Steps

Step 7. Finally, the pictures are transferred from PS4 to the USB drive.

How to Transfer Pictures from PS4 to USB Easily in 2022 With Few Steps
Transfer Pictures from PS4 to USB

This is how you can transfer pictures from PS4 to USB with ease.

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