How to Turn On/Off Backlit Keyboard on HP Laptop


Do you want to know how to turn the On/Off keyboard light on an HP laptop? If yes then here in this we will guide you to turn on/off the backlit keyboard on the HP laptop PC. Laptop keyboard lighting has altered the game, allowing evening users to continue working despite the darkness. Backlit keyboards are standard on the great majority of current laptop computers, along with a slew of other glitzy extras that may detract from this simple but essential function.

So you’ve bought a new computer and aren’t fully familiar with the numerous keyboard shortcuts that allow you to alter specific settings with a single click. When the sun goes down and you still have hours of work to complete, knowing how to switch on keyboard lighting will help you get through the night.

What is Keyboard Light on HP Laptops?

The term “backlit keyboard” refers to a keyboard that has a backlit beneath the keys. In low-light situations, the backlight lights the letters and symbols on the keys to make them visible. Because the print on the keys is semi-transparent, the light will pass through it like a window.

The lighting often illuminates the little region that surrounds the key, enhancing the keyboard’s visibility even more. The brightness of most illuminated keyboards may be adjusted.
White light is emitted by the majority of backlights. While there are backlights that produce different hues, they’re primarily found on gaming laptops, which we’ll get to later.

Since the HP computer line is currently one of the most popular, the keyboard light makes it easier for users to view the keyboard in the dark.

The varied lighting effects on the HP computer keyboard will attract more users and make the machine more appealing.


How to Turn On/Off Backlit on HP Laptop?

Some HP Laptop machines don’t have any backlighting at all. Even if the F5 key is blank if you’ve confirmed that your model has this function, test it. Your model may also utilize a different key to turn the on/off keyboard backlit, such as F4, F9, F5, or F11, either alone or in conjunction with the Fn key.

Note: The steps below are to turn ON/OFF backlit keyboard on HP Pavilion x360m, In some other HP laptops the key for the keyboard backlight is different like, F4, F9, F11, F5 as I said previously:

  • Turn ON your HP Laptop.
  • Locate the F11 key then press it.
  • Press F11 once the keyboard backlight will be ON at its full light.
Turn On Backlit Keyboard on HP Laptop
  • Press twice the F11 key, the backlight will be on at its weak light.

How to Turn ON/OFF Backlit Keyboard on HP Laptop (HP Pavilion x360)

  • Press the f11 key for the third time it will be OFF.
How to Turn ON/OFF Backlit Keyboard on HP Laptop (HP Pavilion x360)
Turn Off Backlit Keyboard on HP Laptop
So this was all about how to turn ON/OFF backlit keyboard on HP? I hope this article helped you out. If you want to get more information about the backlit keyboard on HP or any other laptops click the following link.

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