How to Type Emojis on Windows 11 PC & Laptop


Emojis play an active role in our internet communication. Any communication in the works would either conclude with an emoji or include one within the phrase. Emojis have not only enhanced the way and intensity with which we communicate our emotions online, but they have also eliminated the necessity for words. So much can be conveyed with only a few words. In this post, we are going to show you how to type emojis on a Windows 11 Laptop and PC.

As it is, such a comprehensive aspect of digital languages should be integrated into any digital platform and gadget! Microsoft Windows, like other operating systems, includes its own emoji keyboard, which allows users to simply select from the Unicode list of emojis without having to navigate through emoji-based pages only to copy and paste emoji.

Furthermore, emojis have become an integral component of our internet communication. Any pending communication would either finish with an emoji or include one within the text. Emojis have enhanced not just the way we communicate our emotions online, but they’ve also eliminated the necessity for words. There’s a lot that can be conveyed with only a few words.

What is an Emoji?

Emoji is a Japanese word used as pictorial communication in electronic messaging on cell phones and web pages to represents a form of ideogram.

Meanwhile, The term emoji is a contraction derived from the kanji for “picture” and “character” and can be translated roughly as “pictographic.” The word “emoticon” should be not mistaken for emoji. While Emoticon refers to an emotion or face-expression typographic, Emoji are real images used, among other things, to express emotions, facial words, movement, objects, and animals.

Type Emojis in Windows 11

The emojis in Windows 10 is diverse, but only in terms of emojis and symbols. That’s all there is to it. Windows 11 expands that range to include a lot more. With fresher symbols, more categories, and better emojis, everything in the newest Windows version has gained a layer of comfort, from the appearance and feel to the ease of selecting the appropriate emoticons.

Here are the methods to type emojis in Windows 11:

Method 1: Type Emojis via Keyboard Shortcut

Step 1. Open any text editor app like Microsoft Word, Notepad, or any other app.

Step 2. Press the Windows + .(Full stop) or Windows +; (semicolon) simultaneously.

Step 3. Doing so will open the emoji picker.

Step 4. Just click the emoji in the window that pops up to insert it.

Type Emojis on Windows 11
Method 2. Get Emojis in Windows 11 via Touch Keyboard

The Windows 11 touch keyboard also has emoji support, so you can type emoji if you use the app keyboard on the touch screen. On other modern mobile devices, such as iPhones, Android phones, and iPads, this functions much like typing emoji using the keyboard. First, you’ll need to enable the touch keyboard option and then start using the emojis, GIFs, Kaomoji, and others.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and choose Taskbar settings.

  • Here, simply turn on the Touch keyboard.

  • Click the Touch keyboard icon at the bottom right-hand corner.

How to Type Emojis on Windows 11 PC & Laptop in 2 Different Ways

  • Now, click the emoji icon next to the Settings or gear icon to open emojis.

How to Type Emojis on Windows 11 PC & Laptop in 2 Different Ways


  • At last, go to the emoji tab and select any emoji you want.
How to Type Emojis on Windows 11 PC & Laptop in 2 Different Ways
Type Emojis on Windows 11
What’s New with the Emoji Keyboard in Windows 11?
  • GIFs: In addition to the standard emojis, emoticons, and symbols accessible in Windows 10, GIFs have been added to the mix. The emoji keyboard in Windows 11 has a GIF component! Users may now search for GIFs in the same way they search for emojis, emoticons, and symbols. Furthermore, there are several Graphic Interface Formats that are widely available.
  • Clipboard History: The ‘Clipboard History’ button in the Windows 11 emoji keyboard is a fresh new feature. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This button saves all of the information you’ve recently copied in both text and graphic form. As a result, it will be easier to use those preserved bits of information in the future.
  • Better Emojis: The emojis in the Windows 11 emoji keyboard are larger and more detailed than before. They’re a lot more colorful than the Windows 10 choices. Furthermore, the emoji lists are spread apart, eliminating clutter and allowing simpler identification and usage.

So, these were the 2 best methods to type and emojis on Windows 11 laptops or PC.

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