How Delete or Unlink Microsoft Account from Windows 10


You can claim that it is easier when you use Windows 10 in conjunction with a Microsoft account. You can sync your data and settings, install apps on different devices, and automatically log in to applications and services authenticated by Windows ID. You’ll learn how to delete or unlink a Microsoft Account from Windows 10 in this guide.

In the meantime, Microsoft Account is a password and an email address that can be used to sign in to your Windows 10 PC. If you no longer want to use a Windows account, you can either go back to a local account or unlink/remove your Microsoft account from the Windows login options.

What is a Microsoft Account?

A Microsoft account gives you access to a wide range of services and tools. These include:

  • Productivity tools that let you create, store, and edit documents, videos, images, and other files
  • Social tools that let you communicate via email and chat, as well as share and collaborate on files stored online

Much like the Windows operating system, a Microsoft account will help you accomplish most regular computer tasks. The distinction between these packages and more conventional productivity suites is that, rather than on your computer, all of the files and resources you deal with are stored online. This kind of online storage is generally called cloud storage.

You would need to have a Microsoft account to use those services. Any piece of information that you build with Microsoft tools — from Outlook and Skype contact lists to a cloud-saved Office document — is linked to your Microsoft account. No matter how many of these programs you use, there’s only one account you need to use. So, here’s how to unlink the Microsoft account from Windows 10.

How to Unlink Microsoft Account from Windows 10

However, if you don’t like to use a Microsoft account anymore then you remove or unlink it and create a local or administrator account with ease. Follow the below steps to remove the Microsoft account and sign in with a local account instead.

Here’s how to switch back to a local account instead of a Microsoft account or unlink Microsoft account from Windows 10:

Step 1. Press Windows key + I to go to Windows Settings directly.

Step 2. Click Accounts.

Step 3. Click Your info and then select the Sign in with a local account instead option.

Step 4. Here you will be asked Are you sure you want to switch to a local account? Click Next to continue.


Step 5. Type your current Microsoft account password or PIN.

Step 6. Create a local account and then click Next.

  • Type a new name for your account.
  • Create a new password.
  • Type a hint that will help you to remember your password in case you forget it.

How Unlink Microsoft Account from Windows 10 (Switch to Local Account)

Step 7. Click the Sign out and finish button.

How Unlink Microsoft Account from Windows 10 (Switch to Local Account)

Step 8. Preparing your local account.

How Unlink Microsoft Account from Windows 10 (Switch to Local Account)

If you’ve completed these steps, your Microsoft account will be unlinked from Windows 10 and switch to the standard local account style. Using this process, your Microsoft account credential will continue to be available on your computer to automatically sign up for various services as needed.

Final Words

This is how you can disconnect or unlink a Microsoft account from Windows 10 computer. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily create a local account and remove a Microsoft account at the same time.

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