How to Use Object Eraser on a Samsung Phone & Tablet


Do want to remove unwanted objects from your photos on your Samsung Galaxy phone and Tab without any third-party app? So, in this post, we will show you how to use an object eraser on Samsung phones & tablets.

Image editing has advanced significantly, and you no longer need to be a Photoshop master to touch up your photographs. If you’ve ever taken a group photo with an unwelcome photo bomber, or a cityscape image that would have been nearly ideal if it weren’t for that one person in the shot, the Android 11 and 12 new Object Eraser function might be the answer you didn’t realize you needed. You can now remove objects from images with a few touches thanks to AI-based picture editing on the finest Samsung phones.

Object Eraser is available on Android 11 and 12, with one tiny variation between the two versions. You must first enable Object Eraser in order to utilize it with Android 11. We’ll go through the Android 12 procedure because it’s much the same as Android 11, but we’ll also go over the enabling process for Android 11 users.

Object Remover

What is the purpose of Samsung’s Object Eraser? Object Eraser has three tools in its arsenal: the basic Object Eraser mode, as well as the option to erase shadows and reflections. Because of the way the app’s UI is put up, you would believe it only removes shadows and reflections, but just like Google’s Magic Eraser, if you trace around an item or person in your photo, the program will digitally erase it for you.

The Object Eraser picture editing tool from Samsung is part of the Photo Editor package, and you must have the most recent version of the program to use it. It’s V. on our test model. Even yet, it is not the editing suite’s major feature. Instead, it’s one of Samsung’s Labs’ experimental features, which means you should regard it as a beta version and accept that it may not always perform flawlessly. Magic Eraser is treated similarly by Google.

How to Use Object Eraser on a Samsung Phone & Tablet

Here’s how to find the Object eraser on Samsung phones and tablets:

Step 1. Go to the Gallery app and then find any photo that you want to remove any object from.

Step 2, Tap the Edit or pencil icon at the bottom of the screen.


Step 3. tap the 3 dots menu and select Object eraser.

How to Use Object Eraser on a Samsung Phone & Tablet
Object eraser

Step 4. Now, draw or tap on the object.

Step 5. Once selected, tap Erase.

How to Use Object Eraser on a Samsung Phone & Tablet

As you can see in the screenshot below that the objects are removed.

That’s all. These were the steps to find and use the Object eraser feature on a Galaxy phone or tablet. However, if your phone doesn’t have an object eraser you can read How to Get Object Eraser on any Samsung Phone

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