How to Activate Noise Cancellation in Buds Live?


Samsung’s latest Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds+ totally wireless earbuds are jam-packed with capabilities. Meanwhile, “Active Noise Canceling” is one of the newest features. If you’ve recently purchased a new Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds+ and are unsure how to enable the active noise cancelling feature, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn how to activate noise cancellation on Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

Take Advantage of the Active Noise Cancellation Feature

Use the Active Noise Canceling feature on your Galaxy Buds Live if you want to listen to music or avoid being in a noisy area. You will be able to tune out the distracting external noises and focus on what is important to you. It’s not necessary to turn up the volume.

Furthermore, when you wish to prevent interruptions while listening to music, use Active Noise Canceling. AKG tuned speakers are within Galaxy Buds Live, and they’re meant to play it all. The air duct allows air to flow freely, allowing you to experience the vibrations in each beat. There is less noise with ANC for open type. You may now concentrate more on what you’re hearing. Low-pitched noises are blocked by ANC, while high-pitched sounds such as human voices are allowed.

Galaxy Buds live Review

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live held the distinction of being Samsung’s first truly wireless earbuds with active noise cancelling when they were originally introduced (ANC). Sure, the jelly bean design wasn’t particularly beautiful, but the addition of ANC alone elevated the Galaxy Buds Live to a new level.

It isn’t easy these days. The newest, higher-end Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has ANC as well as a slew of other improvements, putting the AirPods Pro up against even more competition. Now, it appears that the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 might undercut the Galaxy Buds Live with a cheaper price, possibly even by duplicating the same large noise-cancelling function. Read more about Galaxy Buds Live.

How to Activate Noise Cancellation in Buds Live from the Galaxy Wearable App

So, without wasting any time here are the steps to activate noise cancellation on Samsung Galaxy Buds Live:

Step 1. First of all connect your Galaxy Buds Live to your Galaxy phone via Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear)

app. Read this article to learn how to connect Galaxy Buds to your Android phone.

Step 2. Once, you connect your Galaxy Buds Live to the Galaxy wearable app. Now, simply enable Active noice cancelling.

How to Activate Noise Cancellation in Buds Live with Galaxy Wearable App
Active noice cancelling

Alternative Method

To enable Active noise cancellation on the Buds themselves, just touch and hold one of the earbuds while wearing both of them. When Active noise cancellation is turned on, a beep will occur. To switch off one of the earbuds, touch and hold it again. When you switch off active noise cancellation, you’ll hear a different sound.

So, this is how you can activate noise cancellation on Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

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