New TV Varzish BISS Key 2023: Varzish Sports TV Tajikistan


VTV Varzish not working? TV Varzish is scrambled? New TV Varzish BISS Key 2021? If these are your problem then don’t panic! In this guide, you’ll easily find out the TV Varzish BISS Key easily.

What exactly is the BISS key?

BISS (Basic Interoperable Scrambling System) is a system for scrambling satellite signals developed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and device manufacturers.

It is a technology used on private video streams transmitted between organizations through satellites. BISS is used by organizations such as the EBU/Eurovision to securely transmit content to partners.

BISS Control Words are static and are only altered when necessary by Broadcasters. There is no decoding procedure with this encryption, only the final BISS Control Word.

TV Varzish (Варзи́ш ТВ)

New TV Varzish BISS Key 2021: Varzish Sports TV Tajikistan [Варзи́ш ТВ]
TV Varzish (Варзи́ш ТВ)
Varzish TV HD is Tajikistan’s primary sports channel, however, it debuted on July 18, 2012. This channel is well-known in Tajikistan, as well as the Middle East and Central Asia.

This station mostly broadcasts sports programming, including Tajikistan’s national sports and festivals, European Top 5 leagues (La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, Ligue 1), and champions league. Overall, TV Varzish provides a comprehensive sports offering. However, because TV Varzish is not accessible on cable, it can only be accessed through set-top boxes and receivers.


The total audience of the TV channel is about 20 million people. Of these, almost eight million are in Tajikistan, and the rest of the channel’s audience lives in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Russia, the countries of the European Union, and the United States.

The word varzish is translated from Tajik and Persian as a sport. Technical tests of the TV channel began on February 19, 2016, on the Yahsat 1A satellite (operating position 52.5 ° E) in HD quality, without coding, at the parameters: 11938 MHz, polar. H, SR 27500, FEC 5/6. On March 1 of the same year, the TV channel began to function in full.

Tajikistan Channels

National Channels

Regional Channels

  • TV Poytakht
  • TV Soghd
  • TV Khatlon
  • TV Kulob
  • TV Badakhshon
  • TV ANT
  • TV Mavji Oriyono
  • TV Mavji Istiqlol
  • TV Servis
  • TV Alyans

New TV Varzish BISS Key 2023

So, without further ado, here is the latest and 100% working TV Vazish BISS key:

Today and the latest Vatzish TV BISS Key:

  • 03 A0 1B BE 20 C1 6D 4E

So this post was all about the latest and working TV Varzish BISS key. If you don’t know how to enter the BISS key read this article.


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